Tax Savvy Tips

These short videos will arm you with tips and tricks to help you be more tax savvy for your clients.

Marketing Your Tax and Retirement Planning Skills

Today we are going to talk about marketing. You may be like many other advisors that are very good at planning and get a number of referrals from existing clients but you never really learned how to market effectively especially in our...

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Trust but Verify

Request your Free Guide Here   Here's a news flash. Workers at the Social Security Administration sometimes make mistakes. It turns out that Social Security is actually pretty complex and even they have a hard time understanding all of...

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Explaining Your Planning Process

Download Your Free Planning Process Document Here   The link above will download the "Explaining Your Planning Process" document for you to use for free! Please make sure if you use this file to run it by your compliance team first....

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Is Social Security Going Bankrupt?

You are likely dealing with prospects and clients regularly who believe Social Security is going to run out of money. Unfortunately, your clients may end up making rash decisions that can affect them for the rest of their lives. We do know...

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